My 90 Day Running Challenge

Hi there,

Yes the rumours are true, I’m back! I haven’t totally abandoned Sophie, She Wrote, but it has been a very long time since I actually wrote anything on there.  Since my last post in May 2016, I went to Glastonbury, we left the EU, I got myself (and lost myself) a boyfriend, my dad had a lung transplant, Donald Trump was elected president, they are rationing broccoli in Lidl, Beyonce is pregnant with twins.  The world is on fire.

Everyone. Jan 2017.

Now I’m not saying that it is all to do with the fact that life without my weekly witticisms drove everyone to despair but,  if not, it is a huge coincidence.  I’d like to imagine JayZ totally ignoring Beyonce because he wanted to know more about the time I drove my car into a bollard. It’s a riveting tale check it out here if you haven’t already.

In an effort to right this wrong I have decided to start a new blog.  Think of this as the Growing Pains to my Diary aged 13 3/4, the Sweet Valley High to Sweet Valley Twins, or Saved by The Bell, the College Years.

I think I need to update my references a tad.

Basically the second in any line of anything ever, apart from Miss Congeniality as the sequel to that was shocking. Yes I know I’ve said this before and No I’m not over it.

Why so angry Brittany and Cynthia?


The real reason behind writing is that I have been in desperate need of a new challenge.

You may have spotted at least some good news in the first paragraph.  If you think the good news is that we left the EU I’d be grateful if you would put your pint down, put your coat on and, in the words of Peggy Mitchell, “get outta my blog”.   I’m joking, freedom of speech, democracy, will of the people etc etc.

The good news is that after nearly a year of waiting and seven failed trips to the hospital, my dad finally got a lung transplant!!! Awoooo! He is doing really well (touch wood) and is currently on Day 59 post op.  Day 30 was a big milestone and Day 90 is even bigger.  That is on 7th March 2017.

I am so proud of how my dad and my mum have dealt with everything, its not been easy, he has been a grumpy bugger to say the least but I suppose he has been in pain.  I’m not saying it’s worse than labour pains because I haven’t had children but one time I did swallow a mini egg whole by accident and that really stung! In any event he has pushed through and managed to get himself out of bed most if not every morning.

In tribute to my dads perseverance starting on the 27th February 2017 I will run a minimum of 2km every day for 90 days ending with the Manchester Half Marathon on 28th May 2017. 

I’m hoping for a total of around 240km which is about 6 marathons but, as with cake and tequila, the more the better.  

I will not double up days to give myself a day off I am going to do it every. single. day.  If my mum and dad can get themselves out of bed even when he really was struggling then I can go for a run.  2km should take about 12-15 minutes max – who hasn’t got 15 minutes?!

Don’t worry he has had a haircut since this pic was taken

I am doing this to raise funds for New Start, the charity responsible for the heart and lung transplant centre at Wythenshawe Hospital who treated and still continue to treat my dad and hundreds of people like him with humour and professionalism and all round brilliance.

I know there are people like this guy who ran 401 marathons, or this man who ran every day for 52 years, and this pales into insignificance compared to that but I feel I need to do something to help and sadly I’m better at eating cake than baking it.

If you would like to donate you can do on the “Donate” page at the top.


The other reason I am doing this is a bit weird to say but sod it, we’re all friends.  I sometimes struggle and always have with feeling anxious or teary or just plain miserable.  I don’t want to say depressed because that is an actual condition that I have never been diagnosed with but just bleurgh. That is the technical term I promise you.

I am not the only person who feels like this and plenty of people struggle with these sorts of issues on a daily basis, most a lot worse than mine.  It isn’t every day or even every week but sometimes I don’t feel like I can get out of bed and all it takes is for someone to ask if I am ok and the next thing I am a blubbering slobbering mess – still single though so guys, form an orderly queue!

Thank you.

When I feel like that, the only thing that will help me is exercise.

It is my medicine for when I have the weight of the word on my shoulders.  By putting on my (new, slightly too expensive) trainers and going for a run the stress lifts and it makes me so much better.  If you’d have said this two years ago I’d have slapped that really cheap iceberg lettuce out of your hands and called you a fool.  But it’s true.

My name is Sophie and I love running.

I know this and yet I still have days and weeks when I don’t exercise and sure enough the feelings come back.  I want to see is how exercising every day for 90 days affects my mood and whether it really will make a difference to my life.  For this reason I am giving 25% of all the donations to Manchester Mind, the mental health charity which does a lot of really important work for people who, unlike me, can’t just run it off.

So there you have it.  I start on 6th March and finish 4th June.  You can donate to my virgin giving page and I’m going to try and set up my Map My Run so that you can check I’m actually running.  Although now I’ve thought about it I could just leave my phone in an uber and get them to just drive round the block…no, I will do this. God, its starting already!

Thanks for the support in advance.  If you need me I’ll be selling aubergines on eBay.

Soph xxx

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