From 10k to Couch

Morning all,

For those of you not familiar with the app Couch to 5k, it is a really good way of starting running and over a course of weeks you can slowly train yourself to be able to run 5k.  I definitely would recommend it.  My friend Becky loved it.

Sadly, for me, this week I have done the exact opposite.  To prove my point normally I would be up and about having already smugly checked myself in to park run, then making a healthy breakfast of spinach and eggs (sickening I know).  This morning, however, I’m writing this in bed in PJs that are a bit too tight and I feel rubbish about it.

This is not as far from the truth as I would like.

The week hasn’t all been bad though, I’ll start with the good news.

Last weekend was a very good weekend, I did the Wythensahwe Park Run which is fast becoming my favourite thing.  I managed it in under 30 minutes for the first time which I was really excited by.  I have done three now and managed to knock 3 minutes off my time.  Considering the course can be really muddy and at one point you actually run through peat, this is pretty impressive.  The first time I did park run I put on my fancy new trainers and headed off like a cocky little so and so.  Cut to 40 minutes later I was covered head to toe in mud and my snazzy new asics looked like they had been through, well a bog!


Safe to say I no longer wear my good trainers for the park run.

That wasn’t my only achievement last week.

In January I was post-break up and in my attempt to prove that I was fine (clearly I wasn’t) I signed up for a few too many runs.  Sunday was the first one – the Manchester Winter Run for Cancer Research UK.  I haven’t done a 10k for ages and haven’t done an organised run since the Manchester Half in October where I truly thought I was going to die.  Turns out doing a marathon in April and eating cake for 6 months does not mean you are capable of running a half marathon in October.  Lesson learned.

Sunday was freezing! Like actually bone chillingly cold.  That said I finished in 56:12 which was great.  My Strava app , and my brain, thought the course was about 500m too short but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.  The good bit about this run was that it was two laps.  I like that, it means there are no horrible surprises at 8k that you haven’t planned for.  Plus the course took you round the athletics track.  I haven’t run on a track since I was in school and I defy anyone to run on a track in a race and not pretend to be Jessica Ennis-Hill for at least two seconds.

So cold. And Yes, my friend Katie did run in all those layers!

I did a pretty epic sprint finish which my mum completely missed.  You just can’t get the support these days.

And that was it. I haven’t run since then. A pretty emotional and stressful week has meant that I have had zero enthusiasm for exercise.  Add to this that I have eaten a load of rubbish and it’s no surprise that I’m still in bed feeling sorry for myself.

When I say I have eaten badly – I mean “stealing dairy milks from my transplant-recovering dad” badly. Don’t judge! It is very hard to eat healthy when you feel like crap and the house is full of Kit Kats.

If anyone out there loves me I need this for next Christmas, or just any month please!

Speaking of Mr Fox, he barged into my room this morning very excited that he now weighs over 60kg! This is clearly great news, he needs to put weight on his skinny little legs.  He is basically trying to do the exact opposite of what I am trying to do though (hence the over-availability of chocolate bars).

I’m really proud of dad this week.  On Thursday he did a talk to a group of people who are waiting for lung transplants about how he felt while he was waiting and what it has been like now.  The group included people who were on the list and those contemplating to be on the list.  It must have been hard for dad to do that but he considers himself to be very lucky to have got his transplant and I think he gets a lot of benefit from helping others.  It also doesn’t hurt that the group was all women and they kept telling him how good he looked! Such a flirt is Mr Fox!

As avid Manchester United fans, the fact the run was at City was a bit of a stretch for the Foxes

I was planning on writing this and then curling back up in bed, but thinking about the transplant has reminded me why I am doing this challenge in the first place.  In some ways I wish it had already started so I won’t have an excuse to not run.  Thanks for listening/reading, you will be pleased to know that I am going to get out of bed…if only to get a Kit Kat.

One week to go!

Soph x

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